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2 Common Mistakes

Certain secrets are better to be revealed at the right time so that they can open the way to the new dimension of the world. The secret web designing techniques of the IT industry had been restricted to the professionals only. But, now it is time to open them up so as to clear the path to the professionalism for the novices. The most prominent secret is to keep on learning from the mistakes. For the amateurs, there is no record of their own mistakes. Hence, the experts have revealed some of their mistakes so that others can learn from it.

Blank Permalink

It might be an error of layout designing or the technical issue with the server that the permalinks do not point to anywhere after sometime. To rectify it, try assigning each page with unique ID so that they are not overlapped or replaced by the system by mistake. Also, avoid giving same title to the multiple pages. Run the analyzer in order to find the blank links and replace them as soon as possible.

Lengthy Forms

The user, who is excited to get the subscription and willingly fills the form, will get frustrated with the long forms that take more a few minutes. Another reason for this is the inclusion of a number of fields and text boxes that hamper the layout. In addition, the user accessing the website via Smartphone might not be able to fill it properly. Try keeping as less fields as possible. Split the fields into pages, if possible.

The above errors point to the major issues that are commonly observed even on the reputed websites. Try avoiding the above mistakes so that the layout of the webpage and the whole web development project can have successful exposure to all over the world that too without much technical promotional efforts.