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  1. Frankie Banister Frankie Banister

    There is almost free hosting at hostgator. com using this coupon –

  2. TheExplodingPumpkin TheExplodingPumpkin

    Of course. 🙂

  3. ebizman2010 ebizman2010

    great video! thanks for sharing. but audio and less rush would be more

  4. Rob Wagner Rob Wagner

    Or, install WordPress and get a much better looking product.

  5. TheBlackMethod TheBlackMethod


  6. Banwari Chouhan Banwari Chouhan

    most popular video site

  7. TheExplodingPumpkin TheExplodingPumpkin

    and PHP… and MySQL.

  8. Jaime Molina Jaime Molina

    You are like a god(dess), thank you!!!!

  9. syco1986 syco1986

    @robwagner11 WordPress is shit.

  10. 1973amw 1973amw

    it would be nice if there was audio with the video and go slower so someone
    can actually see what you are doing thanks angela

  11. urdynamix1 urdynamix1

    Another Tutorial for the Hearing Impaired, Gee Thanks.

  12. AllenTsuna AllenTsuna

    Well yeah, but that comes later

  13. xRANweirdDOMx xRANweirdDOMx

    hope the quality is better so i can see the icons you clicked better… but
    thanks anyway for the effort

  14. 1individeo 1individeo

    And Graphic Design, good taste and a bunch of time!

  15. AllenTsuna AllenTsuna

    People.. please.. before watching videos about how to design a website
    please learn HTML and CSS, some javascript might not hurt aswell

  16. 2diefor8694 2diefor8694

    ok but how do u writon the white space on dreamweaver .pl s help

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