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  1. Sameer Ali Sameer Ali

    menu is not showing in chrome in the very begining itself body background
    color shows so its reading the css. works fine in IE
    any ideas

  2. michael hanon michael hanon

    People…click on settings at the bottom right of the video. You can slow
    down the video as well as speed it up.

  3. TheCCPGaming! TheCCPGaming!

    People are saying that you are too fast with it, I understood it and I know
    most of HTML but you shown me one thing that I got confused on for a long
    time and that is the

    code, with HTML I have learnt some
    Javascript and PHP and I will be putting those into a project for this
    YouTube Channel!
  4. No No

    I’m a professional developer and I have to say: your videos are the best at
    explaining anything I’ve ever seen in my life. Make more!

    Thanks, from California.

  5. greenland greenland


  6. Marcus Lindberg Marcus Lindberg

    Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you so much for making these videos!
    I’m in the process of creating a website for a business I plan on launching
    at the beginning of the year, and this is saving me a lot of money! Thank
    you Thank you Thank you!

  7. Nicolette van Antwerpen Nicolette van Antwerpen

    word spacing doesnt work

  8. SalafiAk CF SalafiAk CF

    Never mind haha

  9. kalyani ias kalyani ias

    ur awesome mannnnnnnnnnn
    ur vedios are helping alot
    simply i love ur vedios and ur fastness as well

  10. SalafiAk CF SalafiAk CF

    Word space doesnt work for me ????

  11. AhmeerHD AhmeerHD

    Can you put images in a list?

  12. Nelson Vale Nelson Vale
  13. Paras ralhan Paras ralhan
  14. spyshocker spyshocker

    Why does my browser not recognise century gothic

  15. Albert Dao Albert Dao

    nice men!!

  16. valentinaart61 valentinaart61

    God bless you Ed Johnson such a wonderful tutorial. Thanks a lot

  17. Manny Grande Manny Grande

    Im having a problem getting the border .

  18. 646f6767797374796c65 646f6767797374796c65

    ids must be unique where as class can be applied to many things. In
    general, use id whenever you want to refer to a specific element and class
    when you have a number of things that are all alike. For instance, common
    id elements are things like header, footer, sidebar. Common class elements
    are things like highlight or external-link.In CSS, ids look like #elementID
    and class elements look like .someClass. Hope this helps you 🙂

  19. Ludvig Janiuk Ludvig Janiuk

    notepad is probably the simplest text editor, but you can use any one you
    like (notepad++, wordpad, topstyle, etc…). What you cannot do, however,
    is save it as a text document (.txt), you have to save it as .html or .css
    respectively. Hope that answered your question.

  20. Angus Pearson Angus Pearson

    @TheLoLGameplays7312 Yes, and it ain’t that easy!! The way that most people
    will do it, and the core of the process is ALL going to be in PHP, with
    MySQL on the side. There are probably some tutorials or tutorial series’ on
    YouTube that detail this. You kind of have to understand that Dreamweaver
    is just a very heavily padded Notepad, with predictive text for functions
    and stuff, but not necessary as a tool.

  21. SuperJamServices SuperJamServices

    can tell me how to html code in web page

  22. Alexander marin Alexander marin

    yeah i cant center my menu and add space and height!

  23. Ivan Ćorić Ivan Ćorić

    i cant get my menu bar

  24. peprsgt peprsgt

    There’s a door hinge that needs oiled at 7:47

  25. Amal Rafeeq Amal Rafeeq

    Why is that your mouse is in loading state always?

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