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  1. Agnes Parrott Agnes Parrott

    What is the point of doing webpage in photoshop? How are you going to
    transfer the design to html please? If the page is in psd format, the
    search engine can never find your content! 

  2. OnlyLeprechaun OnlyLeprechaun

    Link to font? Thanks would be very appreciated 

  3. Mirjalal Talishinski Mirjalal Talishinski

    incredible!! thanks very much.

  4. Daniel Clark Daniel Clark

    nice tutorial good job

  5. Prince Sidhu Prince Sidhu

    Explained a lot of things in just a short time!…Worth watching….Thanx..

  6. Ben Chikh Ben Chikh…man..ilike….you…

  7. nightwidow nightwidow

    WTF that description. dude, u got a lovely voice but that description is
    just too much effort :D

  8. Wellgraphic Wellgraphic

    Gah – This is so bad you don’t even use shift when you are moving elements
    to jump exact pixels of each, come on, is this what you can perform as a
    huge design community website? Voting down

  9. Chris Johnson Chris Johnson

    This video is terrible in every aspect except for giving the basics to what
    a website needs… And even that can be found online.

  10. walaa magdy walaa magdy

    i want the materials that you are used 

  11. TechTechInc TechTechInc

    Can you show how to do it in HTML instead?

  12. Hang Chu Hang Chu

    Can you save this as a .css file? If not then what’s the point…

  13. Alessandro Tenconi Alessandro Tenconi

    Amazing tutorial! Thank you for sharing

  14. Prakai Phet Prakai Phet


  15. voxel India voxel India

    How to Create a Website in Flat Design Style (Video Tutorial)

  16. Tomasz Dolski Tomasz Dolski

    realy hepfull video, but can u show me where can i get the grid system
    which u using in web design? I suppose its realy good to responsive design
    am i right?

  17. Dorothy Wong Dorothy Wong

    Hmm… i couldn’t find the grid 940 layer.

  18. Wet Leaz Wet Leaz

    Nice man

  19. Samuel Bartík Samuel Bartík


  20. Rylee Harrison Rylee Harrison

    Why not just do it in HTML, CSS, JS or whats the reson for doing it this

  21. Kevin Morrison Kevin Morrison

    This is how NOT to create a mock-up. You have a grid layout but you rarely
    used it and your design alignment is obviously suffering because of it.
    Then when we compare the video title to the sloppy design practice, you
    left out one very valuable step, turning the layout into a website.

  22. Luann LaRussa Luann LaRussa

    You need to check your spelling….beautiful. Didn’t bother to stay for the
    rest. Sorry.

  23. luka kiesa luka kiesa

    I love flat design!! And guys turn this in HTML and CSS3 is really
    simple…if you don t know how to turn it this, i raccomend to you to study
    and read some book first cause later you will be blocked with some complex

  24. tntiger84 tntiger84

    This is a tutorial on making a PSD mockup design for a website, it has to
    be converted to HTML afterwards.

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