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  1. inocibe inocibe

    If I see a suit or dress I like and am somehow moved, stunned, provoked,
    turned on, then is it agreeable that fashion has done its job? Likewise,
    for the lover of cars there is usually a particular car or another that
    will cause a man to make mental love to its tail pipes. Fashion. It seems
    like fashion is in the eye of the beholder but we knew that. So, it’s
    fashion if it floats your boat?!
    Also hasn’t Apple products and iOS not to mention all new software to go
    with new, pretty, hardware and the whole of the SEMA show proved exactly
    I mean yes. I think it has. 

  2. Dragonstar89 Dragonstar89

    Anyways, CSS like you said are like the website’s clothes. But they’d have
    to be non-movable or crazyily interactive clothes; that’s what we use
    Javascript and jQuery for.

  3. Dragonstar89 Dragonstar89

    Yay, there’s other Web Desgin geeks & nerds here too. I’m not alone now x3

  4. Tragically Hipster Tragically Hipster


  5. G6Gamersproductions G6Gamersproductions


  6. scythiconatron scythiconatron

    This reminds me of the imperfect distinction between art and design. It
    seems clear to me that most things that are defined as functional are in
    some way artistc, Unless every single decision in the making of the output
    is absolutely necessary, it is probably artistic. Do a quick search for
    “Design is not art” to find something infuriating.

  7. MsEeveeMaster MsEeveeMaster

    i LOVE this channel. i found it early this morning, 7 am and i have already
    watched every one of there videos to this point, its noon now

  8. Kyle G. Kyle G.

    Why do you say Unfriendly technology

  9. Charlie empire Charlie empire

    Funny i just had a ad about website design

  10. dawn m. armfield dawn m. armfield

    He asks, “Is user interface design a fashion statement?”

    To this, I would say oh, yes. There is a reason I study visual
    communication, and why I spent almost as much time getting my website ready
    as I did on my other job materials (or maybe even more). It says so much
    about who we are. There are reasons businesses pay a lot of attention to
    branding. It matters.

  11. William Brine William Brine

    If CSS is the fashion of web code, Flash is the cheap rented suit you buy
    to try to make yourself look expensive. *Please, let it die!*

    *This one is so packed with meme references it’s practically overflowing…*

  12. Matthew Ulmen Matthew Ulmen

    This is a great You Tube channel

  13. Ron van Schaik Ron van Schaik

    From PBS Digital Studios — the new Idea Channel video, in which host Mike
    Rugnetta considers if website design is actually….a fashion statement.

  14. Christopher J. Volny Christopher J. Volny

    Code is art, is CSS a fashion statement?

  15. Alex Colson Alex Colson

    Food for thought.

  16. Devendra Singh Devendra Singh

    Is CSS and Website Design a Fashion Statement?

  17. Sergey Vershinin Sergey Vershinin

    Neat ideas, funny presentation. #fashion #css #hci 

  18. Rob Pagan Rob Pagan

    lol, “we’re not quite at ‘hacking the gibson’ yet.”

  19. Nicolas Amelio-Ortiz Nicolas Amelio-Ortiz

    +Martín Carreiro

    #css #design #fashion #code #ideachannel 

  20. David Rust David Rust

    Definitely. I’m so thinking of “Project Runway” right now…

  21. Leon De la Rosa Leon De la Rosa

    +Gabriela Duran para Saray

  22. James Morrison James Morrison

    Nice summary of what CSS is

  23. Travis Hoffman Travis Hoffman

    “Code is art. End of discussion.” – interesting.

  24. Timothy Hely Timothy Hely

    It’s Wireless!

  25. Kris Gonzales Kris Gonzales

    yes yes oh yes!

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