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  1. Danske Anime Klub Danske Anime Klub

    is they a way you can make them as Drobdown by useing CSS ?? 

  2. Satyajeet Kadam Satyajeet Kadam

    The tutorial is awesome but dude you are way to fast and also the screen is
    zoomed too much so its difficult to understand which options you select,
    etc etc

  3. Callum Mcleavy Callum Mcleavy

    You sound like Tom Daley. Good Tutorial though..

  4. Airon Cacao Airon Cacao

    Great tutorial!

  5. cmellor123 cmellor123

    I don’t understand why tables are being used to layout the page, CSS should
    be used for semantic markup, not tables. Tables should be used for tabular
    data. The web is moving towards new standards such as CSS3 and HTML5 being
    universally supported, creating a web page this way is a step backwards.
    Using tables for layout and using one image for a navigation bar is an
    accessibility nightmare and can exclude people using screen-readers.
    Anyway, keep up the good work. BR

  6. ff ff

    Please make the frame bigger with the recorder you are recording your
    screen.. because you are moving the video somuch. hop you understand what i
    am talking about. otherwise its a nice tutorial!!

  7. lockonfighter1 lockonfighter1

    you should really use css not tables, tables may be easy but it’s not the
    right way

  8. Felip Velez Felip Velez

    great tutorial, I’m watching all vid. It help’s so much. “so truth”

  9. Henry The Unicorn Henry The Unicorn

    @bny10saucyfi Sure! We’re looking for people who know any type of
    programming or web programming. Examples : Application Programming – VB.NET
    , C# , C++ Web Programming – HTML , and well you already know… So
    PLEASE!!!! Join 7pmforums(dot)co(dot)cc My name is Henry on the forums

  10. TheJacutiepie14 TheJacutiepie14

    lol im using notepad XD Now I have to find the code used to get my links
    up. ^^ a href something….lol thanks so much for the awsome tutorial, it’s
    helping me out so I can get started on my anime website 😀

  11. leroytjeu leroytjeu

    Does dreamweaver understand PHP?

  12. Divya Nanda Divya Nanda

    Hey man m using ps5 bt m afraid i cudn’t find a slicing tool there and so
    cudn’t follow your slicing tool instructions from the last video. So
    without slicing, when i am saving the image as header.html , it ain’t
    opening in the browser. Please help.

  13. Shaan Syed Shaan Syed


  14. Juan Carlos Paco Juan Carlos Paco

    Notice: HTML5 and CSS3 was invented!

  15. HuertaGer HuertaGer

    can i do this without dreamweaver?

  16. kelava85 kelava85

    use divs not tables!

  17. iPodTouchExperts iPodTouchExperts

    God damnit. Finally a video on why EVERYONE subbed to you. Not those GAY
    videos about websites and shit. Do you not listen to your subscribers or
    what? Im about to unscribe and i bet everyone else is too.

  18. Shaan Syed Shaan Syed

    @marciojpq because he probably forgot -.- hes a busy dude.

  19. Patrick Fassler Patrick Fassler

    This was a great tutorial. I cannot wait to start the next one! Only thing
    I don’t like is the fact that I have to pause so much because you go kind
    of fast but whatever. I would rather pause every so often than try to
    figure this out on my own.

  20. TheBerdyGirl TheBerdyGirl

    why is there black lines?

  21. Itchztadesigns Itchztadesigns

    your tutorilas are fantastic Ed.. Keep them up 🙂 Brilliant presentation
    and very helpful:) welldone mate

  22. TheSuperMicrosoft TheSuperMicrosoft

    realy help for me

  23. Genister Bautista Genister Bautista

    Is there any alternative software that I can use instead of Dreamweaver?

  24. archird07 archird07

    @cleonps I agree with you, though this is for the beginners but it’s not
    really worth learning something that is deprecated.

  25. Kapo465 Kapo465

    Mine doesnt open up

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