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  1. Chosen Web Host Chosen Web Host

    And the internet continues to grow at a very fast rate.

  2. Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar

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  3. Gardner-Webb University Gardner-Webb University

    Hey this video has shots taken at Gardner-Webb University -I’d love to know
    how PBS obtained permission to use those shots?

  4. Sahab Shahessain Sahab Shahessain

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  6. SqualidSkeleton SqualidSkeleton

    Ok, but without the power of YouTube and mass content publication on the
    platform you would have never watched this video.

  7. Lorrie Chittum Lorrie Chittum

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  8. Blanka Roundtree Blanka Roundtree

    As part of its ongoing ‘Off Book’ documentary series, PSB delves into the
    world of web design—from its early developments, to more complex and
    technical designs usually found today.

  9. Andrea Rennick Andrea Rennick
  10. Ece Eda Acar Ece Eda Acar

    Check out the some amazing new pictures and videos on Tumblr:

  11. Olive & Company Olive & Company

    If you’re interested in learning about the art and evolution of web design,
    check out this video from PBS’s Off Book series.

  12. User Experience Design (UX) User Experience Design (UX)

    *UX-Video: The Art of Web Design by PBS*

    This is obviously aimed at the General Public, but it’s good to see that
    Design and UX are becoming more visible …

    *Video:* The Art of Web Design | Off Book | PBS

    #ux #userexperience #uxvideo #ui #gui #interface

  13. Stephen Galpin Stephen Galpin
  14. Michael Maslaney Michael Maslaney

    “It’s important to remember when designing a website what purpose it’s
    going to serve in peoples lives”.

  15. Jeremy Switzer Jeremy Switzer
  16. Oraiko Oraiko

    The art of web design

  17. Dion Correia Dion Correia

    The Art of Web Design.

  18. Dean Birkett Dean Birkett

    My favourite web series has a new video out, and it’s all about web design!
    7 minutes covering how it evolved, the structure, the user experience, and
    the future with responsive design and apps.

  19. Victor Vahe Kevorkian Victor Vahe Kevorkian
  20. David Zachry David Zachry

    If you work on the web, watch this now: The Art of Web Design | Off Book |

  21. Arjun Basu Arjun Basu

    Nicely done.

  22. Miloš Matić Miloš Matić

    The Art of Web Design
    PBS Off Book, our go to series for everything awesome in the art and
    internet world, makes the art of web design the target of their latest
    must-see mini-documentary.


    An interesting video from the PBS Off Book series all about the major
    advances, trends, and developments in web design over the last few years.
    They’ve done a nice job of fitting it all into a short 7min video.

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