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  1. TheSkoolRocks TheSkoolRocks


  2. Web-Design-Cape-Town Web-Design-Cape-Town

    Great video!

  3. victor lai victor lai

    Spending the whole hour designing a template isn’t doesn’t count as a
    battle…Its more like collaborating to make a rough template design…
    obviously, it didn’t find it helpful at all. But i still hope the website
    template that u guys done will able to meet up with your target audience..

  4. Kenneth Kahn Kenneth Kahn

    I always like a good battle.

  5. Samuel Stroud Samuel Stroud

    This is a great idea! Can’t believe I’ve never seen it before.

  6. thegroop thegroop

    @carly6277 My apologies for the swearing. Will curve for the next episodes.
    Thanks for watching.

  7. Vijay Sharma Vijay Sharma


  8. James Stafford James Stafford

    Great information.

  9. This Week In Startups This Week In Startups

    @carly6277 We try to slow Jose down, but some times he gets so passionate
    he gets ahead of himself. I’ll remind him to watch the language. πŸ™‚ Thanks
    for watching the show! Are there any episodes or segments that have stood
    out to you.

  10. carly6277 carly6277

    Jose man, swearing’s not cool But do love the show

  11. Pily Litardo Pily Litardo

    lol Macbooks everywhere oh yeah !!!

  12. chewymeister88 chewymeister88

    Who says swearing’s not cool? If it’s part of the process…… fuck it!

  13. Charlie Rodarte Charlie Rodarte

    this is long I hope it helps

  14. Michael Jones Michael Jones

    I was wondering what is the website at 30:00?

  15. Umesh Yadav Umesh Yadav


  16. Bhuzze Bhuzze

    if i have alot of pages on my website will it make it be slow

  17. DriftaCinema DriftaCinema


  18. riz chelsea riz chelsea

    Thanks for sharing this Great Video.I LOVE TO READ SEE YOUR VIDEOS

  19. carly6277 carly6277

    @ThisWeekIn I’ve enjoyed everything – really enjoyed this ep, also the
    initial stuff with talking to the client and creating user profiles etc
    What happens when this whole redesign is complete? I would tune in for a
    weekly Sink or Swim πŸ™‚

  20. Jonathan Fieldings Jonathan Fieldings

    I love listening to them talk. πŸ™‚

  21. RelaxingRussian RelaxingRussian

    geez too much aaah uuuhhhm aaoooohm what the hell dude? canΒ΄t never watch
    this for 50 min straight

  22. TheTruthWorx TheTruthWorx

    Very cool! I am new here and this looks very interesting! I run many
    websites and this info is golden!!!!!!!!!!!! all of it!

  23. ctave6 ctave6

    I got here from youtubing “WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB”

  24. babyspiderhead babyspiderhead

    I’ve been producing design for quite a few years. I like the dialog offered
    via this video, it actually made me pause…but I wasn’t too impressed much
    with the design results at the end of the video. I am more of a circles and
    ovals guy, the web seems to be all rectangles and text.

  25. victor lai victor lai

    Plus, you guys said that this is a live redesign website right? So, where
    is the actual website?

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