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  1. MrSaemichlaus MrSaemichlaus

    Anyone know how to publish it so everyone can access it? Like not only we
    can look at it by opening the source file but anyone on the internet?
    Thanks for answers 🙂

  2. Gerald Sandoval Gerald Sandoval

    Thanks for the attempt, but your jumping around too much is making me dizzy
    and really a bit off putting. The cave like sound in the room doesn’t help

  3. N4NXX N4NXX

    and thats why you have to comment youtube videos with it, that sounds
    fucking legit..

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  6. JustMal JustMal

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  12. Georgi Yazovaliiski Georgi Yazovaliiski

    Oh my fu*king god , i was playing with note pad writing those things cuz’ i
    didnt know that way it is SO MUCH EASIER!!!

  13. Alek Einstein Alek Einstein

    ZOOM OUT!!!

  14. Lakisha Lax Lakisha Lax

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  16. Varghese John Varghese John

    EPICally helpful..:D

  17. Ana C Ana C

    Good one. But too much moving around with mouse. Better full screen so we
    can see everything. Other than that, good tutorial!:)

  18. Eric Arizeni Eric Arizeni

    it is very nice I like helpful learners

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  23. J.B. Odonkor J.B. Odonkor

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  24. agitetech agitetech

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