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  1. Starla Jones Starla Jones

    I enjoyed your video, I’m a single mother of 2 and I was introduced to an
    amazing opportunity, I wanted to share with others as it was able to help
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  2. Diocletian09 Diocletian09

    simple question: what programs do I need as a minimum if I am going to
    create a decent looking web page/site? thanks in advance.

  3. welington rodriguez welington rodriguez

    Damn! i wanted to watch this video but i couldnt! change the way u talk

  4. Secundschumacher Secundschumacher

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  5. Muslim Girl Muslim Girl

    please what’s the perfect size for the layout-design and how can i make
    this two blue lines ?

  6. Kevin Bell Kevin Bell

    I love this video series! I’m not too thrilled about Photoshop going to the
    cloud with monthly fees. Do you recommend any other editing software as a
    replacement for Adobe. I know there are plenty of programs in the sub $100
    range, but I’m not sure which ones have what you would consider “full
    functionality.” Thanks!

  7. aNXie1y aNXie1y

    I think it might be only you. For me he has a very energetic and confident

  8. TheDigiCraft TheDigiCraft

    haha… if only

  9. TheDigiCraft TheDigiCraft

    from the feds…

  10. TheDigiCraft TheDigiCraft


  11. Christopher Sharrett Christopher Sharrett

    Your gay! just because you have no skills

  12. Angel Hernandez Angel Hernandez

    BELOW: STUPID AND GAYER. LOL not offense meant to gays 😉

  13. ThriftyName ThriftyName

    try thriftyname website builder, super easy and super fast, AMAZING
    websites … check out my channel for details

  14. Leon Vazquez Leon Vazquez

    Are you sure it is 1024 pixels in the middle?????

  15. Smart Media Publishing Smart Media Publishing

    great video tutorial, to add up, I like another one out there called
    “Planning your website” or “Planning your website from model to prototype”
    great vids and reccommended

  16. xxxCRAZYLOVExxx xxxCRAZYLOVExxx

    Hey, your tutorial is very instructive, but it’s too long, like you take
    your time and stuff, but thanks anyways 🙂

  17. xxxCRAZYLOVExxx xxxCRAZYLOVExxx

    lol ur funny

  18. Chaoticpoison Chaoticpoison

    Is it me or does this guy’s voice sound a bit too low? Like he’s hiding
    from someone.

  19. Fred Voetsch Fred Voetsch

    Just wanted to push the spam down the page….

  20. korsez korsez

    I can make Custom web site design. Cost from 100$

  21. Robert Wills Robert Wills is not the way to go…

  22. Jim Martin Jim Martin

    ahahahaha so true!

  23. Mariana Andrade Mariana Andrade

    Are you don draper?

  24. Jayden Huygen Jayden Huygen

    Hey guys, im intressted in starting my own website and thanks to this video
    i now know how. Anyone has a tip on where to get cheap webhosting?

  25. Adel Hussin Adel Hussin

    Thank you

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