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  1. TheFaith1990 TheFaith1990

    Ha its template!

  2. TheFaith1990 TheFaith1990

    Templet your missing it Template now its working. Red line at Templet No
    red line at Template

  3. Web Generation Web Generation

    Sorry to burst your bubble…but template is right.

  4. Kaptin Kush Kaptin Kush

    Its not Temp – PLATE, its temp LET. Sorry. I was just getting annoyed.

  5. 3salamanders 3salamanders

    Holycrap. I actually understood this! There are so many BASIC concepts like
    why PHP is in the file name, but HTML tag is in the code, that no tutorial
    or textbook has bothered to explain. Thank you!

  6. MrCATube MrCATube

    dam this sounds hard. im going to do web designing as a tech class

  7. John Morris John Morris

    @eldezferado Yeah I do. Go to my web site and go to Course > Web Design
    102… that’s will teach you pretty much everything you need to know for
    using MySQL with PHP

  8. CJ Beaste CJ Beaste


  9. awsomebot1 awsomebot1

    cool but pls open the volume of your mic or something

  10. DR000 DR000

    Good stuff man, this is exactly the kind of tutorial I was looking for!

  11. SyafiqLyserg SyafiqLyserg

    How to make your Banner? Template changes the Pictures everytime you
    Refresh.. and how to make your Banner to have Pop-out Twitter Status..

  12. freeblogmachine freeblogmachine

    I find it interesting that I use to know a lot of that stuff and forget
    some of it because I stopped using it for a bit.

  13. Sugguna Krishna Sugguna Krishna

    Thanks for your video it is very helpful to me to learn this html info

  14. Mr. Neko Mr. Neko

    Needs more website development tutorials like this! It’s very helpful

  15. ipodkingman35 ipodkingman35

    know any good books to help learn more?

  16. John Morris John Morris

    @ApocalypseDan thanks! glad you enjoy them!

  17. Ricardo Acosta Ricardo Acosta

    make a video about how to make a website game in flash

  18. deeroks1 deeroks1

    best channel for learning web programming. much appreciated.

  19. iTz2Black iTz2Black

    Awesome, ty!

  20. John Morris John Morris

    This video was uploaded over 3 years ago. Birth of a hero was still cool
    then. Lol. But, so were grunge backgrounds I guess. I’m just messing
    around. I thought it was cool then, so I used it. Whatevs, I guess…

  21. mohamed amine mohamed amine

    is web development a good carear i mean does it make money ??

  22. Dany Mitchel Dany Mitchel

    great tut I went over to your website awsomes tuts there I am following a
    php one nice work kudos

  23. maskda2 maskda2

    can i use arachnophelia?

  24. Awesomenews24 Awesomenews24

    How nice ! advanced website designs and templates tutorial is really
    creative and get your free web hosting to design your website freely from
    hostgator using COUPON “1centaccount” it’s working

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