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  1. Sharon Retana Sharon Retana

    Hi, I am a student as well and I got Dreamweaver CC but when I create a
    new document and I go to blank page/HTML template and I only can use 2
    kinds of layout, did you download all of them , or the program just comes
    with 2 layouts??
    Thank you !

  2. dreamforge dreamforge

    Very bad tutorial. You was very FAST and didnt show slowly. Here are a lot
    of people who are new with all this kind of things, so it would be better
    to show everything slowly, step by step, not just jumping fast like you. 

  3. Demi Smith Demi Smith

    helped a lot thanx Jack!

  4. Let's Build WordPress Let's Build WordPress

    Great video!

  5. jeffking29 jeffking29

    Jack thanks for the video. I absolutely love the speed and content of the
    video. Great job!!

  6. Nam Truong Nam Truong

    Great tutorial, thank you. I’m new to dreamweaver, it’s kinda lazy tool for
    me, personally I prefer coding everything on sublime text and previewing it
    on browsers.

  7. Tenchu Shinobi Tenchu Shinobi

    Wait THINK for a Minute… there is a Pause and Rewind button to press
    MATEE its not Rocket science lol how slow do people want it to be like Slow

  8. Terry Oreilly Terry Oreilly

    Ya doing things too fast lad. Ya rubbish.

  9. giggleoriginal giggleoriginal

    lol this is a gd tutorial but how many times does he get it wrong for the
    bg image

  10. william warrington william warrington

    bit tricky to follow….

  11. TyRulezTK TyRulezTK

    Index or Default. Index.html or Default.html. Both work.

  12. shuaib Samad Ali shuaib Samad Ali

    Oh dear…he is so fast…hours of trying went up in smoke because it was
    not clear how he applied BG to work. I couldn’t figure it out myself. Its
    confusing in the end.

  13. CouchSideGaming CouchSideGaming

    really helpful tutorial but what is the song

  14. aweblade4 aweblade4

    So, I assume you need a webserver for this right?

  15. Anna Burlescaya Anna Burlescaya

    No doubts about the quality of the tutorial but your articulation is really
    bad :)

  16. Heather Firth Heather Firth

    Great tutorial Jack, I learnt a lot. I think if you had put ../ in front of
    your image folder you wouldn’t have had to change all the other links and
    move the css file. I don’t know if maybe dream weaver doesn’t allow you to
    do that?

  17. Javan Fc Javan Fc

    You said you got it for free because you are a student. I am a student as
    well, where did you get it for free?

  18. Bobir 77 Bobir 77

    What’s the name of that song on the background?
    Does anybody know?

  19. Steves Beez Steves Beez

    Great video thanks for sharing

  20. BubblegumSpacePrincess BubblegumSpacePrincess

    Thanks a bunch. I didn’t know any css, but I was able to figure out what I
    needed after following your tutorial. : )

  21. Jonathan Chavez Jonathan Chavez

    cant get the background 

  22. Tony Arnold Tony Arnold

    5 minutes in and I have picked up more that I was looking for having learnt
    nothing from an American college teacher in one hour! I am confident that
    in an hour or so I will have sorted my website out and learnt a great deal.

  23. Cld clau Cld clau

    esti ratat .

  24. Mark Henderson Mark Henderson

    Thanks for your tutorial. Feeback: The background music is annoying. I
    think it would be better without it.

  25. pqrunner2000 pqrunner2000

    Was there an update for CS:GO that I missed or something?

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