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  1. MrFermanaghman . MrFermanaghman .

    Hey bro. Is squarespace good for UK guys? I have my own domain name bought
    but after this vid I am thinking of getting squarespace

  2. Jared Polin Jared Polin

    Please leave your links for Rapid Fire Squarespace critiques right here.
    Your site does not have to be on squarespace for me to give it a critique.

  3. Seth Hunt Seth Hunt

    I will be getting Squarespace soon! 

  4. plumlove1995 plumlove1995


  5. Michael Leonard Michael Leonard

    Jared, one of the best things about you is that you are honest and you
    don’t pull punches. Keep it up. I’m struggling to find the right platform
    for my images… it’s like pulling teeth.

  6. Terranscapes Terranscapes

    Valuable critique. While I’m not a photographer, I know my website can
    benefit from some of these suggestions. Thank you. 

  7. ginshaker22 ginshaker22

    In short your saying that your website is much more good looking than his

  8. Stephen Smith Stephen Smith

    That was Harshy McHarsherson but all valid.

  9. mismindles mismindles

    I agreed with you on most things, but depending on where you live, the
    package pricing….some people will just not call you to ask about pricing
    if someone else offers prices up front and they think they are reasonable.
    I am this way and I know others that are too. I live in the Kansas City
    area in MO and the only people that don’t list prices are the expensive
    photographers who wants hundreds so they’d rather talk to you. When it
    comes to senior photography and actor head shots around here, everyone
    wants the price listed on the page and there is a lot of competition. My
    business increased when I started listing the prices. I don’t list every
    single type, but I list head shots, seniors, and family portraits.

  10. Danielle Reed Danielle Reed

    wow judging on the critique my website has a lot of the same issues.

  11. Nicholas Erwin Nicholas Erwin

    I had a GeoCities website when I was in middle school. Good memories. 

  12. messianicrogue messianicrogue

    Totally ugly site, but not the worst – its just a little below average for
    a small business site. Photographers shouldn’t pretend to be designers,
    engage an expert in visual, creative design and user experience to do the
    heavy lifting and give you credibility. The world is full of talent – know
    when your skills are letting you down and have someone more talented ‘fix’
    it. I’m a crap photographer, and I’m embarrassed about how bad most of my
    images are – but I know my site gives me credibility and keeps people from
    judging me harshly – so I’m picking off work that should go to ‘real’

  13. MikePrattPhotography MPP MikePrattPhotography MPP

    GeoCities! Very good, honest critique, Jared. This video was filled with a
    lot of useful information that goes beyond website layout. Also, nice
    gesture purchasing the 1 year of Squarespace for him. 

  14. Dave Andrade Dave Andrade

    You were dead right about the GeoCities look. That was very noble of you to
    get him a free year. This video was a service to the community. Well done. 

  15. DeusExAstra DeusExAstra

    Valid critiques.

  16. DJ Swish DJ Swish

    This video was actually very informative without any filling at ALL. Great
    work Jared

  17. Joonas Puuppo Joonas Puuppo

    Proper grammar is also pretty important. Recent photos, not “Recent
    photo’s” and FAQ not “FAQ’s”.

  18. EthanAlex EthanAlex

    Played this fullscreen and COULD NOT stop trying to click the bouncing
    Adobe icon on the dock. “Oh, right, not my computer…”

  19. stront zak stront zak

    fuckign hipster GTFO don’t want to see your scrub face on yt any more
    MORON! did not watch one of your videos advertising like a lil bitch wont
    get u viewers u ugly fuck.

  20. Raj Banjara Raj Banjara

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  21. ginshaker22 ginshaker22

    In short your saying that your website is much more good looking than his

  22. Alish PH Alish PH

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  23. talha tanza talha tanza

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  24. Rick Lugo Rick Lugo

    This is good! I don’t list my packages on my site but since mostly wedding
    clients reach out to me I usually just put the base price that my packages
    begin with. 

  25. michaelandcarina bethea michaelandcarina bethea

    C myk***

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