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  1. Tony Yao Tony Yao

    You can apply this to SEO as well. Words (not “keywords”) that are relevant
    to your audience and effective are the most important things for SEO.
    Combine that with design that supports the words and you have website magic!

  2. Stephen Anthony Stephen Anthony

    Love this. Very well done

  3. DeShondela Flowers DeShondela Flowers

    Great energy. Great looking guy. Good information. I just wish he’d get to
    the point quicker. That’s just my opinion.

  4. Joseph Augustin Joseph Augustin

    I completely, 100% agree that it starts with the message and that design is
    an amplifier. So the real question becomes “what CAN I actually do to
    amplify my message through design?” Because a great message suffers greatly
    from poor design. In reality, most things you can do through design revolve
    around typography. Make it readable, accesssible, and a few very small
    touches to make it unique. Most other design elements are clutter, not

  5. Chase Reeves Chase Reeves

    Thanks, Jo. Much obliged 🙂

  6. Jared Akers Jared Akers

    gobble gobble.

  7. Janet Cozzens Janet Cozzens

    I love to watch you! You are highly entertaining and I enjoy everything you
    put out there. Not only that, but I learn from you and that is the very
    best part. Thank you for what you do. You have been able to reach out and
    grab me by the shirt collar!

  8. Jo Spring Jo Spring

    You are awesome and hilarious! This is an effective video. 🙂

  9. Jared Akers Jared Akers

    gobble gobble.

  10. Greg Hickman Greg Hickman

    great video dude!

  11. Chase Reeves Chase Reeves


  12. Jared Akers Jared Akers

    Thanks for doing your thing.

  13. Chase Reeves Chase Reeves

    Thank you, Jared. Hope you’re well, turkey!

  14. Joshua Clark Joshua Clark

    Very good information!

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