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  1. Naresh Byreddy Naresh Byreddy

    good one

  2. raghavan sv raghavan sv

    I am devloping my web design based on Joomla and while i have taken the
    implimenation, can you suggest me how in parallel i can take the responsive
    desin to suit mobile device and i pads and min’s to reduc my efforts
    incoporating the responsive design

  3. Software and Web Development Software and Web Development

    Very specifically you have elaborate the things and for those who have not
    known about the same will get to know. Thanks for the video…

  4. Deepak Shinde Deepak Shinde

    Thank you for this video .You Did really Great Job..but I have question so
    Media Queries does not support Internet Explorer 7 or 8. Can you give us
    the Solution for IE. How do we Deal with IE browsers.It Would be the Great

  5. matadorr0 matadorr0

    Helpful -a good intro to the area.

  6. Luan Nguyen Luan Nguyen

    responsive web desin

  7. AwfulMedia AwfulMedia

    Your comment is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Daniel.

  8. Ankit Patel Ankit Patel

    This is the future of web design.

  9. flyingshows flyingshows

    Eg for responsive website :

  10. MrHadlemdonalds MrHadlemdonalds

    Out of interest, how did you make your website?

  11. makedaevilmage makedaevilmage

    So you basicly set up a rule in HTML that when the viewport is below a
    certain resolution it loads a different CSS stylesheet? Trying to wrap my
    around all this :S

  12. PragerMicrosystems PragerMicrosystems

    Great info, thanks!

  13. Daniel Belohlavek Daniel Belohlavek

    Awesome, thanks.

  14. AwfulMedia AwfulMedia

    I like the idea of working responsive design tutorials into something
    bigger than just talking about responsive design. With the resources we
    have, though, its just silly to start from zero. I do plan on doing PHP
    tutorials since I really enjoy just writing PHP, though. What if I took
    your idea and built it upon WordPress? Creating WordPress themes is super
    popular at the moment and there seems to be a lack of good Youtube videos
    on the topic. We would build the theme from scratch.

  15. csmozg csmozg

    It would be cool to make smth difficult – e.g. an Internet Shop from zero
    if you know php with a responsive design, to make an advanced search e.g.
    Internet Shop of games – to search though games with filter: number of
    players, manufactor, genre and so on. That would be really cool. You`ve
    already showed how to work with media queries, navigation, there are many
    responsive sliders nowadays, so all in all – everything is simple and you
    have to just sit and write css code.

  16. Напред Нови Сад Напред Нови Сад

    Responsive design is the coolest thing in web design now days!

  17. AwfulMedia AwfulMedia

    Ahh, that’s interesting. Do you prefer to build your own CMS then? I
    couldn’t imagine running a content-driven website without some sort of CMS
    to power it, homemade or ready-made. I love WordPress because clients can
    just jump right into it with ease and it’s easy on the developers. Oh, and
    the incredible flexibility. About what level are you at when it comes to
    web development? I plan on doing some stuff that may be basic to a
    intermediate-advanced user in the future.

  18. Web-Design-Cape-Town Web-Design-Cape-Town

    Awesome video thanks!

  19. Rich Casella Rich Casella

    looking forward to these tuts

  20. Zxenmusic Zxenmusic

    Pixels are not a good way to measure. At All. See my video called
    ‘Responsive Design Dilemma’.

  21. csmozg csmozg

    Building themes for WordPress is also really cool, though I prefer not to
    use cms 🙂 But anyway, I`ll install WP on localhost and watch your series 😉

  22. LFUENTES-71481 LFUENTES-71481

    Great video! It’s very helpful! And, what I’d like to see is a tutorial for
    a responsive website from scratch to finish but with different pages on it,
    like: Home, Contact, Gallery, and any other that would use graphics on it.
    I know it would require a lot of time but it would be even greater… I’m
    learning web design by my own and many times I have had to watch different
    tutorials for these different subjects on a website. Thanks again! Good

  23. Tufys Interactive Pvt.Ltd Tufys Interactive Pvt.Ltd
  24. Milind Bodhare Milind Bodhare

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