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  1. Zed Strong Zed Strong

    For your hard work I liked the Video! Wish You Greater & Greater Health!

  2. Chris Malan Chris Malan

    Really nice and simple. Is there a simple way to get the background
    colours of all three vertical columns (nav, content and right) to extend
    down to the footer?

  3. Abols IT Solutions Abols IT Solutions

    Best Tutorial +Abols IT Solutions 

  4. Sree Nu Sree Nu

    Awesome Great Tutorial
    Thank You So Much
    Really Useful For The Beginners
    Helped Me Understand HTML5 & CSS3 a Little Better.
    Well Done Hope I Can See Some More Tutorials From You
    Really Nice And Simple

  5. Maurice Williams Maurice Williams

    You really helped me understand HTML CSS a little better. :)

  6. dolphinsatsunset1 dolphinsatsunset1

    This is a reinforcer for me. Thanks for the video. I’ve already learned
    xhtml and css through codeacademy and w3c.

  7. Ell Paso Ell Paso

    I find this tutorial very useful, thanks .Well done hope i can see some
    more tutorials from you

  8. Naresh Kumar Naresh Kumar

    it was really helpful, thanks for sharing it..
    I am actually a mechanical engineering graduate, would this subject help me

  9. SuperHottStuff05 SuperHottStuff05

    Amazing tutorial!

  10. Woodi Holmes Woodi Holmes

    Thank you so much!

  11. Hussam Audi Hussam Audi

    Great tutorial, thanks…

  12. Himanshu Jain Himanshu Jain



    Awesome thank you so much

  14. Petr Kosvanec Petr Kosvanec

    Thank you a lot for “simple web page layout”

  15. Alphonse Taylor Alphonse Taylor

    Easy to understand, thanks for the nice work


    What’s the difference between HTML and XHTML?
    These series were really helpful to me and I would like to thank you very

  17. Arbind Shrestha Arbind Shrestha

    I appreciate for your efforts.
    It is extremely helpful.

  18. luckyboy nani luckyboy nani

    Really useful for the beginners! Thanks a lot 🙂 

  19. Mustafa Omar Mustafa Omar

    that was great tutorial. i was new little bit about nav and main content
    and i was looking for right side content and i got it. just to give width
    was great to know my right side content. thanks!!!!

  20. rex red rex red

    awesome!!! thank you so much

  21. Digital-Warriors Digital-Warriors

    Want to start learning web design? Here’s a basic tutorial that will guide
    you through.

  22. Igor Vojtek Igor Vojtek

    Hi what I attribute to the left to use class or id respectively?

  23. Tony Michael Tony Michael

    There are several free ones out there that are pretty good. Komodo edit,
    Notepad++ and Aptana Studio are all free and fairly easy to use. If I
    remember right I think they all have code completion capabilities as well.

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